We have come to realize that once drugs are removed from the students life it creates this vacuum and this is something that cannot be filled just by work and social/family life. At Walking with Winners we try and encourage the students to get involved in these extra mural activities because a great cause of relapse is boredom. So we encourage extra mural activities that will stimulate the students life.

We have now started offering Scuba Diving Courses for anyone interested.


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Prodigal Ministries REG: 2012/216789/08 (NPC)

PBO Ref No. 9300 468 73

Cnr East & First Roads

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De Deur, Gauteng

South Africa

Mail: isobel@nodrugs.co.za

Call mobile: 079 074 4117 |  074 977 3354

Walking With Winners

We are currently a Faith based Substance Abuse prevention, intervention, addict rescue, education, rehabilitation and addiction counseling and support group consisting of recovered addicts with a passion and a purpose.